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Shaker & Spoon with Tequila Cabeza

Tequila Cabeza is made from 100% estate-owned agave, grown in the Los Altos region in Arandas without pesticides, on land that's been used for the cultivation of agave for over 100 years. Handpicked at 7-to-9 years of age, the agave is then cooked for 24 hours in brick ovens. The real secret is fermenting during the winter months when the cooler temperatures allow for an extended mash period (approximately 10 days), which creates fruitier agave flavors. This isn't some private label, but rather a field-to-bottle single-estate operation that provides unmistakable terroir of highland tequila, with mineral, citrus, and herbal grassy notes. Vibrant, aromatic, and just delicious.

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