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Make More Mezcal Moods Drinks!

Get more Mango Down River ingredients

Condensed milk and mango juice should be pretty easy to find at your local supermarket. If you're lucky, you may even be able to get some reTREAT Thai Mango Juice nearby

Get more Red Devil 2.0 ingredients

We're offering a Red Devil 2.0 Kit, which includes all of the nonperishable ingredients for 4 of this cocktail (just add fresh blood orange, lime juice, and mezcal)!

You can also get more ancho-jalapeño agave syrup from our Make More Store.

If you have a nearby store that specializes in mixology, they may carry Scrappy's Firewater Tincture. You can also get it online!

You can buy cayenne salt online from various retailers, but if you liked ours, you can mix 5 parts course salt with 1 part cayenne powder until it's well blended, and there you have it!

Get more Theobroma ingredients

We're offering a Theobroma Kit on our Make More Store, which includes all of the ingredients for 8 of this cocktail (just add mezcal)!

Wandering Bear Cold Brew is available at select retailers nationwide. They've generously offered S&S subscribers either 30% off any one-time purchase or $30 off your first subscription order from their site by using code SHAKER&SPOON .

Most supermarkets will carry agave nectar, just make sure it's the amber variety :)

If you have a nearby store that specializes in mixology, they may carry Aztec chocolate bitters and Regan's orange bitters. You can also get them online from Kegworks