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Make More Rums of Origin Drinks!

Get more La Trova Old Fashioned ingredients

Get more of our cafecito syrup from the Make More Store.  

You can find Scrappy's Chocolate Bitters at many stores that specialize in mixology. If you'd like to purchase online, Awesome Drinks has them for a pretty decent price.

You can get more of our orange oil from the Make More Store, but also feel free to simply express some fresh orange peel for essentially the same effect.

Get more Bajan Kiss ingredients

We're selling a Bajan Kiss Kit on our Make More Store, which includes all of the non-perishable ingredients (just add rum and lime juice).

You can also get more of our falernum syrup and scotch bonnet–sea salt syrup separately, if you prefer! 

Any local store that specializes in mixology/bitters and even many grocery stores should carry Angostura bitters, or you can order online from KegWorks. 

And Brooklyn Crafted Extra Spice Ginger Beer and Mojo Pure Coconut Water are available nationwide!

Get more Tipo Chichero ingredients

Most local grocery stores should have condensed milk, coconut milk, vanilla extract, and cinnamon. We do recommend you get Woodward Extract Co.'s extract straight from the source!