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Shaker & Spoon with Hendrick's Gin

Possibly responsible for the wide variety of gins we see on the market today, Hendrick's launched in 1999 calling itself "a most unusual gin." Using a combination of an extremely rare Carter-Head still plus a Bennett still, Hendrick's distills several botanicals in addition to juniper, with the main other flavors coming from rose and cucumber.

The taste is that of a traditional gin with suprisingly forward citrus notes, along with musky rose and refreshing cucumber. Plus sweet orange, lime zest, and a hint of elderflower. The pine notes give it structure, but the floral notes give it a unique character. Its finish is fairly long, with a serious juniper-backed astringency, and notes of soaked rose petal, lime, Persian cucumbers, Earl Grey Tea and a surprising bit of bitterness.

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