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Products / Bitter Queens Essential Bitters Variety Pack

Bitter Queens Essential Bitters Variety Pack


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Product Description

Marie Laveau Tobacco Bitters (contains no actual tobacco): Marie Laveau packs a punch with her savory tobacco notes coalescing with smoked tea, clove, and vanilla for an addictive additive to whiskey, rum, and coffee, as well as pork and chicken dishes. (.5 fl oz)

Ingredients: alcohol, vanilla, dried cherry, cloves, cardamom, gentian, spices

Opulent Odessa Orange Bitters: Darling, you simply must acquaint yourself with the richly perfumed exotic citrus oils Opulent Odessa exudes. Sultry Spanish and California orange mingle with lemon, chamomile, and frankincense for an indulgent addition to any kind of spirit. (.5 fl oz)

Ingredients: alcohol, bitter and sweet orange, lemon, chamomile, frankincense

Bangkok Betty Thai Bitters: A few dashes of Bangkok Betty is like riding through a jungle of citrusy Thai flavors like kaffir lime, lemongrass, chile, and ginger. Never the shy one, she brings the heat with a touch of sweet and has an affinity for gin, vodka, tequila, and sparkling wine cocktails. (.5 fl oz)

Ingredients: alcohol, lemongrass, kaffir lime, thai bird chiles, spices

Joker Judy Chocolate Walnut Bitters: With the soul-satisfying comfort of a homemade chocolate-walnut cookie, Joker Judy will add warmth and richness to your libations. Roasty and toasty notes of coffee, vanilla, cacao, and a hint of spice make her a cozy companion to your barrel-aged spirits. (.5 fl oz)

Ingredients: alcohol, cocoa nibs, walnuts, coffee, spices, gentian

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