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Daijoubu Box


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Product Description

Whether you missed this one in February, or are eager for another round, here's your chance to get our Daijoubu Box (WITHOUT the produce), which can be paired with shochu or gin for mixing! Featuring Mary Palac's chilled Gibson infused with Filipino chili flavor, Parker Luthman's flavorful sour (containing everything but the Korean kitchen sink), and Caer Maiko and Sharon Yeung's toddy built around bold and roasty gao wen, which you can serve hot or cold (Arnold Palmer–style!).

This box includes everything you'll need to make 4 cocktails from each recipe—12 cocktails total—other than the liquor (of course) and the perishables (you'll need to provide 3 large lemons and 4 small chili pepper for garnish).

*Replace the shochu/gin with Seedlip Garden 108 for a nonalcoholic mocktail version.

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