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Bitter Girl Bitters Standard Pack


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Product Description

Batch One: Notes of oranges, tangerines, vanilla beans, pomegranates. Blends beautifully with whisk(e)y, a touch of sugar, and an orange peel. (2 fl oz)

Ingredients: orange, tangerine, vanilla bean, pomegranate, cinnamon, alcohol, bittering agents, spices, sugar

Pear Jordan 'It's Got Hops': With the bitter from the hops and the bright citrus flavor from the pears, this flavor is all about fall and winter. There are also faint notes of celery, with a floral juiciness in the mouth. Pair with whisk(e)y or brandy. You can top either of these dark liquors with some hot tea, honey, and a dash of bitters for a cold day.

Ingredients: alcohol, pear, hops, witch hazel bark, hyssop herb, gentian root, Angelica root, meadowsweet herb, sugar

Morning Wood Barrel Aged Coffee Bitters: Rich and slightly spicy flavor. Use this over ice cream, in an Irish Coffee, or your morning cup of joe for an extra pick-me-up. It also makes a beautiful Manhattan.

Ingredients: cocoa nibs, pink peppercorns, dried orange peel, witch hazel bark, sweet grass, sugar, alcohol, bittering agents, spices

Bitter Rose: Flavors of rose, hibiscus, and a hint of lavender, with notes of black tea and honey. Pairs well with tequila, gin, vodka, and whisk(e)y. Also makes a great addition to pastries, whipped cream, and other desserts.

Ingredients: alcohol, rose petals, hibiscus, lavender, tea, bittering agents, honey

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