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DOUBLE STRAINING: straining twice simultaneously by holding a fine mesh strainer over your serving glass while pouring through your bar strainer. This technique is especially useful for cocktails mixed using torn herbs or other small solid ingredients that are not desired in the drink, or if you want your cocktail especially clear.

MUDDLING: using a muddler to press the fruit or herbs into the bottom of a glass, usually with added sugar or syrup. When muddling, be very careful not to destroy the fruit or herbs. You want to release the oil and flavor, not to pulverize.

ROLLING: a way of mixing a drink, using two glasses, that is more forceful than stirring but less so than shaking. To roll, simply put all of your ingredients into one glass, pour all of the contents into another, and then pour it all back into the first glass. You have now rolled your drink and it should be well mixed but, hopefully, not too diluted.

SHAKING: mixing a drink by putting all of your ingredients into a cocktail shaker, adding ice cubes, and shaking vigorously. Be careful not to overdo it, because that will dilute the drink.

STIRRING: mixing a drink by stirring it with a bar spoon in a circular motion from the bottom up, to chill it and combine the ingredients with minimal dilution. Be careful not to overstir—10 to 20 rotations with a bar spoon will absolutely do the job.