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To Have on Hand for Gincember

Recommended liquor: So that you can start mixing your cocktails as soon as your box arrives, why not go get your bottle of gin now? Each of this month's featured bartenders has a recommendation for you! Any of them will work well for all three recipes found in this box, depending on your preference:

Kyle Zimmerman from The Hutch on Avondale in Oklahoma City recommends Aviation American Gin, which he says is as versatile and palate-friendly as a spirit gets. This Portland-made gin has incredible citrus, spice, and berry notes and combines refreshing complexity with easily mixable properties that play well with cocktail ingredients (though it's also great simply on the rocks).

Tyler Hudgens of DC's The Dabney recommends Dorothy Parker Gin, noting that she loves everything NY Distilling does. This cheeky, balanced gin perfectly embodies Dorothy Parker (1920s screenwriter/poet/critic)'s wit and enthusiasm. There's crossover between traditional botanicals and the interesting notes of hibiscus and cinnamon, ensuring you'll get a nice holiday-ish baking-spice vibe without overwhelming the cocktails.

Keith Waldbauer of Rumba in Seattle suggests the amazingly complex St. George Botanivore Gin.  (There may not be a more ambitious distillery in the states than St. George Spirits, he says.) Nineteen different botanicals muscle their way into this gin, yet the bright citrus manages to stand out.   It's the perfect gin to assert itself in a  fierce cocktail and not get lost in the fireworks show.

For an easy-to-find budget option we suggest Tanquerey London Dry Gin.

Recommended amount: To make all 12 drinks, you will need 22 oz of gin; a medium (750 ml) bottle will be your best bet.

Or you can do like some of our other subscribers and try more than one recommended bottle. That way you can taste all of the cocktails each way, and still have gin left over to add to your home bar!

Recommended barware: A few different jiggers that measure 1/2, 3/4, 1, 1 1/2, and 2 oz, as well as a shaker, strainer, bar spoon, microplane grater, citrus reamer or juicer, and matches or a lighter. These are not all strictly necessary, but will improve your mixology experience.

Recommended glassware: Coupe, tempered rocks glass (be sure to use a tempered glass for the  Flaming Rosemary Gimlet! The  sudden temperature change between the flaming rosemary and  the cold drink can crack a glass that’s not tempered).

Recommended ice: To make all 12 cocktails in one go, you will need about 4 pounds of ice (4 ice trays’ worth).

Take Flight

Above a Persimmon

Flaming Rosemary Gimlet