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To Have on Hand for Keep Gin Wild

Recommended liquor: This month's box calls for New American gin, which distinguishes itself by being less heavily focused on juniper and allowing other (usually local) botanicals to share center stage, transport drinkers straight to the source. So that you can start mixing your cocktails as soon as your box arrives, why not go get your bottle of New American gin now? Each of this month's featured bartenders has a recommendation for you! Any of them will work for all three recipes found in this box, depending on your preference:   

Matty McGee offers St. George Terroir Gin, which was built around the flavors of Coastal Northern California—inspired by the aroma and feeling of walking through the coastal range’s redwood forests and along the edges of the tide pools. The entire region is flourishing with bay laurel, redwood trees, and the sun-baked grasses of local inland parklands. St. George Terroir Gin brings those flavors to the forefront by utilizing ingredients found along the trails that lead from the mountains to the Pacific Ocean. 

Natasha Bahrami recommends Volstead’s Folly American Gin, from the St. Louis craft distillery StilL 630 (made in dubious honor of the infamous Andrew Volstead, the Father of Prohibition). Juniper forward, with sweet elderberry and bold pine and sage flavor, rounded out with citrus and warm spice notes, this gin is balanced enough to sip alone and will also shine in any cocktail. 

Erick Castro suggests Arizona Distilling Company’s Commerce Gin, which pays tribute to Arizona’s five Cs (copper, cattle, cotton, citrus, and climate) with five Cs of its own: cardamom, coriander, cumin, cinnamon, and citrus (lime zest). They've also added eight different botanicals—all sourced from northern Arizona. 

Recommended amount: To make all 12 drinks, you'll need 20 oz of New American gin; a medium (750 ml) bottle will be your best bet.   

Recommended barware: A few different jiggers that measure 1/2, 3/4, 1 1/2, and 2 oz, as well as a strainer, shaker, citrus juicer or reamer, and fine strainer. These are not all strictly necessary, but will improve your mixology experience.

Recommended glassware: Coupe, rocks glass, and double rocks glass

Recommended ice: To make all 12 cocktails in one go, you'll need about 5 pounds of ice (5 ice trays’ worth).

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