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To Have on Hand for Rum's the Word

Recommended liquor: So that you can start mixing your cocktails as soon as your box arrives, why not go get your bottle of lightly aged blended rum now? Each of this month's featured bartenders has a recommendation for you! Any of them will work well for all three recipes found in this box, depending on your preference.

Marshall Altier and Jonathan Borin love the tropical notes of Denizen’s Aged White Rum: “This molasses-based rum gives a funky base to the remaining modifiers in any rum-based cocktail but especially in a classic daiquiri.” That “funky base” is the hogo, the ripe and earthy flavor rum fanatics adore!  

Plantation 3 Stars Artisanal Rum is a tribute to the historic rums of the Caribbean, and it’s Alex Velez’s go-to for everything from a simple daiquiri to a sophisticated Zombie. “The layers of flavors of this spirit depart from its aging technique, which makes it a perfect canvas to create great cocktails but also serves as a great ol’ time sipper,” says Alex.

Probitas White Blended Rum is a historic rum: its creation marks the first time two rum distilleries from different Caribbean islands have collaborated on a rum blend without European or American intervention. It’s truly a post-colonial rum, and it absolutely sings in any classic rum cocktail, from the daiquiri to the mojito!” raves Dan Watson. Probitas has a light straw color and a vivid fragrance of vanilla, and at 94 proof, it packs a nuanced punch of citrus peel, molasses, and banana. It’s a beautiful blend of three rums, and the result harkens back to the rums used during the golden age of Cuban cocktails in the post-Prohibition era of the 1930s.

Recommended amount: To make all 12 drinks, you'll need 24 oz of lightly aged rum; a medium (750 ml) bottle will be your best bet. 

Recommended barware: A few different jiggers that measure 1/2, 3/4, 1, and 2 oz, as well as a strainer, fine mesh strainer, citrus juicer or reamer, and shaker.  Additionally, if your fridge doesn't have a crushed ice option and you can't get pebble ice at the store, you'll need to make your own and can use either a Lewis bag and wooden mallet or a Ziploc freezer bag and another blunt kitchen object, such as a pestle. These are not all strictly necessary, but will improve your mixology experience.

Recommended glassware: A coupe glass, a collins glass, and a double rocks glass.

Recommended ice: To make all 12 cocktails in one go, you'll need about 5 pounds of ice (5 ice trays’ worth).

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