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To Have on Hand for Out to Tennessee

Recommended liquor: So that you can start mixing your cocktails as soon as your box arrives, why not go get your bottle of Tennessee whiskey now? Each of this month's featured bartenders has recommendations for you! Any of them will work well for all three recipes found in this box, depending on your preference.

Nneka Ijeoma raves about Uncle Nearest 1884 Small Batch Whiskey: “It is absolutely delicious and boasts an amazing backstory! It's named for the original head stiller of Jack Daniel's, a slave who was able to secure his freedom through his craft. The Nearest Green Distillery is entirely female-led and is home to the world’s first female African American master blender.” This is a light-bodied whiskey—whose filtering process gives it a crisp, smooth sweetness—that’s perfect for sipping and also works wonders in cocktails.

George Dickel Superior Recipe No. 12 is my go-to Tennessee whiskey because it’s the perfect base of earthiness and sweetness to stand out without overpowering any cocktail,” says Samir Osman. George Dickel blends older whiskeys to achieve deep assertive flavors and a bold, clean finish. It’s considered by many to be the gold standard of Tennessee whiskey!

Nneka Ijeoma and Samir Osman both agree that Jack Daniel’s Single Barrel Select Tennessee Whiskey is another fitting option, given its historical/regional connection and accessibility. “The lighter flavor profile works well in cocktails because it blends nicely without overshadowing,” says Samir. 

Recommended amount: To make all 12 drinks, you'll need 22 oz of Tennessee whiskey; a medium (750 ml) bottle will be your best bet. 

Recommended barware: A few different jiggers that measure 1/2, 3/4, 1, 1 1/2, and 2 oz, as well as a strainer, fine mesh strainer, bar spoon, mixing glass, and shaker.  

Recommended glassware: A collins glass and a rocks glass.

Recommended ice: To make all 12 cocktails in one go, you'll need about 6 pounds of ice (6 ice trays’ worth).

Recommended extras: If desired, you can add a rosemary sprig and a sage leaf as bonus garnish for the Summer Fling and Pancho and Lefty (remix), respectively.

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Hiwassee River Water

Summer Fling

Pancho and Lefty (remix)